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Smart Earth ECOLUBE’s lubrication penetration performance on rust and dirt-seized nuts and bolts is outstanding. Being a Heavy Duty Mechanic all my life I am constantly coming into contact with toxic and harmful reagents on a daily basis. Being able to replace one harmful reagent with a safer alternative means a lot to me….Without having to sacrifice performance.

- John

Written by Adam Grushcow — June 30, 2016


Dave is an arborist. "I work in a lot of environmentally sensitive areas. Smart Earth Eco Bar Chain Oil is bio-degradable and performs great. It gives me peace of mind while I work in the bush.

- Dave

Written by Adam Grushcow — June 30, 2016


Being a Horse Farm owner, I get great piece of mind using Smart Earth products. I know that the nontoxic formulas will not harm my animals but also is far superior to traditional lubrications and oils. 

I have used Eco Lube spray on everything from Hay elevators to stall and paddock gates, chain harrows and on stiff parts of my old tractor. The bar and chain oil works great in my chainsaw and provides high-tack keeping lubrication where it needs to be and not in the bush. I know I won’t be damaging the wildlife on my property as it will biodegrade within 28 days and has very low or little toxicity risks. 

I have also been using Eco Lube Two-Stroke Oil in my Chainsaw and Trimmer and performance has noticeably better since switching from traditional oil. Startups and operation have been smoother with less smoke and odor.

I fully recommend these products to anyone who cares about their animals, property and equipment.

- Ian

Written by Adam Grushcow — June 30, 2016


"I use Eco Grease to keep the bearings running smoothly on my sawmill."

- Sandy

Written by Adam Grushcow — June 21, 2016


Bob runs a landscape service. "I use ecolube to keep my tools in top shape. It helped me get the rusted bolts off a client's wheelbarrow."

- Bob

Written by Adam Grushcow — June 21, 2016

Charlie Head

Don't mess with Charlie! He uses Ecolube on everything and says "Its great for cleaning my guns"
- Charlie

Written by Adam Grushcow — June 21, 2016


WIth more than 30 years in the heavy equipment business Dave is a huge fan of Ecolube. “I used to use Fluid Film to lubricate my bucket pins but had to re-apply every two weeks. Eco lube does the job and lasts for 8 weeks. It works great on the forks in the front-end loader as well."

- Dave

Written by Adam Grushcow — June 21, 2016


Ben has a lot of heavy equipment and he uses Smart Earth Eco Grease on all of it including the firewood processing rig behind him. "I used to use Red N Tacky grease but found that it attracted lots of dirt and grit. Eco grease lubricates and does not attract dirt to the equipment."

- Ben

Written by Adam Grushcow — June 21, 2016

Tom Shiffman

"So happy Ecolube got my zippers on my boat canvas moving again!"

- Tom 

Written by Jack Grushcow — May 21, 2016

John Berkelman

"I recommend Smart Earth products for all of your equipment. I have a small hobby farm and work with a lot of old & used machinery and I find that the oil stays on the parts, doesn't disappear and doesn't dry out. It makes my machinery run really smooth. I like using it around my sheep as it is non toxic. Smart Earth saves me a lot of time on maintenance and replacing parts- it doesn't wear as fast as anything else I've tried."

-John, Hobby Farmer, truck driver & small engine repair. Dutton, Ontario

Written by Paul Shiffman — May 21, 2016