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Being a Horse Farm owner, I get great piece of mind using Smart Earth products. I know that the nontoxic formulas will not harm my animals but also is far superior to traditional lubrications and oils. 

I have used Eco Lube spray on everything from Hay elevators to stall and paddock gates, chain harrows and on stiff parts of my old tractor. The bar and chain oil works great in my chainsaw and provides high-tack keeping lubrication where it needs to be and not in the bush. I know I won’t be damaging the wildlife on my property as it will biodegrade within 28 days and has very low or little toxicity risks. 

I have also been using Eco Lube Two-Stroke Oil in my Chainsaw and Trimmer and performance has noticeably better since switching from traditional oil. Startups and operation have been smoother with less smoke and odor.

I fully recommend these products to anyone who cares about their animals, property and equipment.

- Ian

Written by Adam Grushcow — June 30, 2016