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Tribology is a branch of mechanical engineering that studies the science of friction, lubrication and wear between interacting surfaces in relative motion.

The working lifespan of equipment is protected with the proper lubrication of machine surfaces and is one of the best ways to control friction and wear. 

Plant-based oils are effective naturally at reducing friction and wear between two moving surfaces. Bio-lubricants offer superior lubricating properties that are 5X more effective than petroleum-based lubricants.

Smart Earth formulations offer the natural anti-friction properties of plant-based oils for an advanced biolubricant with increase performance and lubricating functionality.

The biodegradability of Smart Earth lubricants is better for the environment, with a smaller carbon footprint than traditional petroleum-based lubricants.

Lubricants in History

Smart Earth’s commitment to replace petroleum-based fluids with environmentally responsible and sustainable alternatives is supported by the effective use of natural oils as lubricants in history.

The use of natural lubricants as a way to reduce friction dates back to antiquity. Archaeological evidence shows that ancient Egyptian and Chinese societies used natural oil as lubricants to assist with the construction of large projects like the pyramids.

The two basic laws of friction: friction is independent of contact area, and friction is proportional to load; were formulated during the Renaissance by Leonardo da Vinci, who was fascinated with the nature of friction. 

Leonardo saw that the ease of movement between various materials was quite different and he concluded that smoother materials will have smaller areas of potential friction and wear.

Liquid lubricants made from natural oils were also used during the industrial revolution for corrosion protection, chemical resistance and most importantly, lubrication.